25 Unbelievably Awesome DIY Bathroom Pallet Project

Unbelievably awesome diy bathroom pallet project (7)
Unbelievably awesome diy bathroom pallet project (7)

Reclaimed wood such as pallet has never been more popular. We can use pallet from basement bars all the way up to an elegant master bathrooms. Used on vanities, flooring, mirror frames, accent walls and even tub surround. This material could add warmth and rich texture for your home. It is also a wonderful contrast to the usual bathroom materials such as, granite, marble, glass and tile, which can leave a space feeling cold.

The most important thing you should know is which wood that suits to your bathroom. Reclaimed wood can be a once in a lifetime, but using it in a room full of potential splashes and steam need some extra consideration. At the end of the day, water is absolutely the evil for wood. And not all reclaimed wood is created equal and withstand moisture at all. Reclaimed teak and an old-growth cypress are good choices.



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