30 Best Balcony Garden Ideas: Time to Makeover your Patio

Best balcony garden ideas time to makeover your patio (9)
Best balcony garden ideas time to makeover your patio (9)

It doesn’t take much to transform your patio. First of all, be aware with the direction of your patio face. There are many smart ways which you could utilize to brighten up the patio with less spending. If your patio is big and can get a lot of sun and wind, it’s perfect to plant huge planters. But if you only have small patio, just put your plant in a small pot.
Consider purchasing ready-to-assemble furniture which is often less expensive than pre-built one to be installed in your patio. If you need a little maintenance, a wood deck offers a natural look and also cheaper than composite. DIY furniture also becomes the best solution; a coffee table that build from old barn beams. Add a decoration such as door rug, a bright flowery pillow or even solar light to bring the space of life.




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