25 Clever DIY Ideas to Improve your Bathroom Decoration

Clever diy ideas to improve your bathroom decoration (23)
Clever diy ideas to improve your bathroom decoration (23)

Decorating bathroom can’t be a big challenge with the right combination of surfaces, fixtures, décor, color and lighting. One of the first tenets of bathroom decoration is to consider the color and light. Make sure that any curtains or shades are translucent, and keep windowsills free of any items that would obstruct sunlight. When choosing the paint colors or a color scheme, focus on lighter, livelier hues.

Find a rightful place for everything especially in the most utilitarian of space. If you can, choose cabinets that allow separate spaces for each person who uses the bathroom. Use the magnetic hooks to hold the scissor and mirror. For small necessities such as rubber bands and hair clip, use a small plastic cups.



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