Simple and Easy Handles Industrial Furniture

Simple and easy handles industrial furniture (13)
Simple and easy handles industrial furniture (13)

A door handle doesn’t have to be so plain. Just add industrial quality to your home by make a beefy industrial pipe handle to open and close the door. No threading or welding is required. Other pipes are just threaded and need to be twisted into the location precisely and it cheaper. And whichever type of pipe that you use, pipe handles will give you a robust modern feel.

To create a bold handle for storage cabinet for example, use type 70 Klee Klamp, type 84 plugs and a piece of steel pipe. The contrast between the wooden cabinet and steel pipe creates a great affect. This concept extends the threaded pipe handle to the drawer. Pipe is always the great choice for making a handle for door, drawer or cabinet whether it’s big or small. If you are looking for an industrial look, nothing can betas a solid piece of pipe.



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