39 Simple and Elegant Living Room Decoration

Simple and elegant living room decoration (36)
Simple and elegant living room decoration (36)

Have a high-end looking space can be difficult especially if you have a tight decorating budget. Fortunately there are ways that you can get the high-end look you dream of, even on a budget. Interior designers have shares secrets over the years that have given homeowners some insight on how they can make their home look elegant with less cost; adding a fresh coat of paint to window treatments and hardwood floor until adding pillows. These are simple solutions you need to know about.

When it comes to decorating a high-end and custom-made look, details are the key. In this instance, the detail is crown molding: a way of making a room look complete or finished that brings the ceiling and the walls together, giving them an elegant appearance only with fewer budgets (especially the plastic, paintable version). Choose one of these two color options to make an elegant look- bold and dramatic or soft, understated hues or you can just paint the door with black that automatically creates an expensive feeling without causing much damage your wallet. Add pillows serve two purposes; punch-up the elegance factor (if your chosen correctly) and provide your guests with a little extra comfort on the couch, and offer a cozy, layered feeling to your room.




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