49 Modern Living Room Color Scheme

Modern living room color scheme (49)
Modern living room color scheme (49)

Colors on living room walls can produce a room seem large or little. You may use them in no more than one room, or you may scatter them throughout the home. The correct exterior paint color scheme may give your home an elegant look that does not only reflects your personality but in addition complements the architectural style of your house. Colors play a major role in regards to interior decoration. For a fast and straightforward remodel, you’re able to simply alter the color of paint on your walls to provide your space a completely new appearance.

Play your living room with shades of turquoise yellow-green and jade green for a cohesive and sophisticated yet elegance look. Neutral colors are the perfect one; add several shades of brown and tan with muted shades of red and green to create a calming but interesting atmosphere. Cream walls and cool blue draperies contrast well with the dark brown floor and add fabrics such as the brown zebra print and a soft cream area rug to create a relaxing, contemporary living space. Design a living room that makes a statement with rich, saturated shades, like dark gray and purple of this space and add cream furnishings and two-toned draperies to keep the space from looking too dark.



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