35 Best Rug Layering Design for Elegant Living Room

Best rug layering design for elegant living room (19)
Best rug layering design for elegant living room (19)

Layering rugs is the new trend of the interior design. People usually think a rug is to warm up a room. Layering rugs is simply the idea of placing the rugs on top of one another and this simple step can create such instant interest and a real statement. Just by doing this in your home, you can easily add patterns, texture and a real statement piece in your room. Here are a few simple tips on how to get the best style layered rugs.

If you have large space, a layered rug can be a great way to help to define the space. Try layering rugs underneath your furniture if you want to really stand it out, but if you are short on any furniture that you really want to stand out, let the layered rugs do it. Add mixing textures throughout your decoration creates a level of depth an interest that can be really help to lift a space especially if it’s focused around one color or tone. If you like a pup-up color, choose a neutral rug as the larger, supporting rug and add a brightly colored pieces on top.



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