52 Incredibly Amazing Landscaping with Lavender Design Ideas

Incredibly amazing landscaping with lavender design ideas (51)
Incredibly amazing landscaping with lavender design ideas (51)

Lavender is easy and of low maintenance for landscaping as this herb is also available in so many colors and need not much care. Consider this combination of lavender flanking and California poppies across the walkway; purple and orange are complimenting each other and give the warm appearance to your garden. In dry weather lavender grows well. You can grow flower beds on lavender in your garden with other flower; sedum, salvia, iris, black-eyed susan, and poppies. ‘Hidcote’ and ‘Munstead’ varieties of lavender also grow well with them.

Grow lavender if you want to grow something around the sloping that will thrives well in sloping areas as these don not keep moisture and remain well drained. Grow lavender with herbs that require similar growing conditions as land-filler. Grow lavender along the garden fences to get the cool colors and cool those cool colors when used near the borders and boundaries create an illusion of enlarge space. Lavender loves heat, and when it reflects through the path, it helps the plant to grow and it will brush up your feet and leave its aroma when you walk.



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