31 Easy and Simple Patio for Outdoor Living Space

Easy and simple patio for outdoor living space (10)
Easy and simple patio for outdoor living space (10)

In order to add some usefulness to the outdoor space, many people decided to install a patio. A patio can provide a nice place to entertain and also help to break up a yard a bit and add points of interest. A patio can be created in many materials, but nothing can beat one made from pavers from pavers for ease of installation and low maintenance. It cost maybe quite expensive than others, but it will save in the long run by not having to stain or seal it continuously.

Try to dig down below the root level of vegetation in the area before you prep your patio area and for dry soil, watering the area the night before you plan to dig it to dampen and soften the area for easier digging. If you want to add weed on your outdoor patio, use landscaping cloth to create a barrier between the old soil and new base to minimize the efforts of weeds and other unwanted vegetation to encroach upon your patio from underneath. You need a solid, level and smooth base upon which to lay pavers, so create the paver base and/or sand. And don’t forget to plan a quarter inch drop in elevation for every two feet of distance to make sure it does slope away from your hone’s foundation and toward an area that can either handle additional moisture or is an existing drainage area.




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