38 Inspiring Modern Victorian Homes Arround The World

Inspiring modern victorian homes arround the world (36)
Inspiring modern victorian homes arround the world (36)

Victorian style is built in the late 19th century during the reign of Queen Victroia, the stately homes feature characteristics like crown molding, high ceiling and ornate fireplaces; three features at the top of many dream real estate checklist. There is a certain charm that exists in a Victorian home. This style is pretty and romantic but not overwhelming, so it’s important to find balance. But how do designer update these Victorian home into the modern day?

Many designers transformed it into a light, modern dwelling using modern art, eclectic furnishing, and gallons of bright white paint. First to start is give a fresh coat of bright paint to those carving and cornices. Also, modern art stands out well in this home style as it juxtaposes nicely with the classic backdrop. If your space doesn’t have the charm of a Victorian, add an architectural features like crown molding, antique hearts and wainscoting. Once you have a craftsmanship and history in the space, all you need to do is add those modern furnishing on it.




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