50 Cozy Small Cottage House Plans Ideas

Cozy small cottage house plans ideas (13)
Cozy small cottage house plans ideas (13)

There is a moment when you get stuck of your life and work and need a short vacant. But you can only see it on your screen. Imagine that you can come back home to a cottage, doesn’t sounds lovely? There are certain things that most cottages have which can add easily to your own home.

Choosing the right front and screen door is the important to get the cottage vibe; choose it with a large window to get the fresh air and listen to the birdsong from outside. Many cottages have a front porch; put some greenery and a wicker chair, pillows and a blanket that makes your front porch perfect for a good book or chat with friends. Plant flowers at window boxes and herbs under your kitchen window just like other cottage did. Buy them, build them; a simple way to add a lot of interest to your home exterior.




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