44 Luxury Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Luxury farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas (44)
Luxury farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas (44)

The modern luxury farmhouse is the most popular design trend nowadays. It draws a warm, lifestyle, simpler, luxury, which is lovely. But if you are afraid that too many rustic details will make it worst, leaning toward cliché look and take notes from the kitchen design below. It is absolutely a bit country but it’s got a good of temporary high-end style and absolutely rocks the role of luxury modern farmhouse.

Incorporate shiplap on your kitchen; a material that often used for constructing shed, barns and other rustic building that add character charm and texture beyond what plain white walls could do. Add cabinets that painted just like wood, it compliment the shiplap and the plain doors or other decorative elements keep them from looking too farmhouse-y. Marble is a luxury material; use it on the counters and the island fill the kitchen with an understated opulence or perhaps extending the marble until the backsplash so that it meets the shiplap was also a smart choice. Struck the perfect chord with the kitchen lighting, copper wall sconces and pendant is also the best. It’s a vintage inspired and a bit industrial in style and fit into a farmhouse style.



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