38 Tiny and Adorable Fairy Garden Ideas

Tiny and adorable fairy garden ideas (23)
Tiny and adorable fairy garden ideas (23)

To make your own fairy garden, all you need is a little imagination. This will be a perfect family project for your outdoor space. For you who don’t have large space in your home, try to make a fairy garden from wash tub using mini trees, porcelain and tiny succulent plants. Creating magical getaways from the root of trees for fairy theme is a good choice for a house with many big trees in backyard.

For a quick garden, add a whimsical fairy door to a terracotta pot on your porch that doesn’t take up much room. Use dries bird house gourds and pines cones for an extra creative spin on pinecone fairy house theme. Use a little help from LED solar lighting for your fairy garden to make it lovable and enchanting in the night. Need more ideas? See the picture below.



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