47 Affordable Mid-Century Furniture Ideas

Affordable mid-century furniture ideas (32)
Affordable mid-century furniture ideas (32)

If you dream of tapered furniture legs, low-slung sofa, sultry tweed and velvet, and daring geometric, Mid-Century Modern style is your dream. Mid century modern style is a trend now. But most of people don’t want to live in a home that looks like a time capsule. Stay here to get the right retro-inspired look without going overboard.

Mid century furniture are characterized by their clean, simple lines. Wood pieces, mostly made of teak are simply finished to showcase their natural beauty pairing a traditional mid century table with the clean-lined contemporary chairs and bold teal walls is an amazing example. Don’t hide the wood details and let them shine in your space, a neutral wall color and soft-hued fabrics will make your mid century furniture become the star. Mid century table lamps lend it well to any space featuring low-slung furniture and they’re easy to find at any vintage stores. See those pictures below to get an inspriration.


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