42 Best Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Best side yard landscaping ideas (40)
Best side yard landscaping ideas (40)

Side yard are long and narrow present a challenge. Do you need some landscaping ideas? If it so, how often do you use the area? Is your area wide enough to contain a flower bed or planting bed, as well as a walkway or pathway?

First of all, decide your walkway or pathway; a flagstone walkway, for instance, provide a nice, even surface or you can choose other materials that also provide the same as flagstone walkway; concrete pavers, or paving bricks. If you have sufficient space in your side yard, install plants to spice up the space but don’t forget to determine whether the side yard is mainly shady or sunny to get possible plant choices. Building a small water fountain also need to be consider because it has unique ability to enliven a space. In case those tips above, don’t forget to make sure that you leave yourself enough room to move freely among them. See another picture below before undertaking the project to get the inspiration.



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