100 Brilliant Traditional Style Kitchen Ideas

Brilliant traditional style kitchen ideas072
Brilliant traditional style kitchen ideas072

Traditional kitchens have warm and classic with elegant, formal look characteristic of European and American homes of 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. It’s including Edwardian, Georgian, Federal, Victorian, Regency, Italianate, Early American and Neoclassical taste. The colors are also different. Instead of choosing the brighter blues and gold, the traditional kitchen incorporates soft, muted colors: white, taupe, cream, light grays or greens.

To create the traditional look, first we need to clear the kitchen space of furniture that has no defined period style or ornamentation, and also get rid of contemporary or modern stuff that is simple, straight lines. Consider using a pattern when designing the flooring such as random pattern with wood or basket weave. Use fabric to bring the color; pick natural scenes for cushion and curtain and mix them with stripes, not geometric shapes or design, which do not fit well with this kitchen style. Have fun with the knobs on cupboard by choosing different design shape and colors for each door panel to create focal points. And here are 100 brilliant traditional style kitchen ideas to inspire your own traditional kitchen.



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