76 Cozy Bathroom With Subway Tile Shower Ideas

Cozy bathroom with subway tile shower ideas (25)
Cozy bathroom with subway tile shower ideas (25)

Let’s make a splash with subway tile for your own bathroom. Classic white will always add a timeless appeal to bathroom. It will always see on the walls of subway station. But a new crop of colors and sizes brings variety to the marketplace, as do colorful grouts and inset tiles.

Subway tile is affordable option for bathroom walls and surface, but adding accent tiles can add pizzazz; the watery teal and green mosaic tile border enlivens this classic look, the jewel-tone tiles and shapely edging serve as a transition from the laid-back white subway tiles to the color-infused aqua wall above. Explore the finish and glazing options for a classic shape, not the traditional white tiles gives the tile treatment a contemporary edge and variegated yellow tones create a sunny, dynamic look with natural undertones. The shower surround in this bathroom is clad in subway tiles and matching white grout, creating an uninterrupted plane of white and this tile also protects the walls of the shower from moisture damage. Check these cozy bathroom with subway tile picture below to inspire your own.




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