74 Beautiful Indoor Vertical Garden Interior Design Ideas

Beautiful indoor vertical garden interior design ideas (31)
Beautiful indoor vertical garden interior design ideas (31)

Nowadays, creating a vertical garden with modular planting systems and hanging planters that require minimal assembly is so much easier. The changing of season doesn’t mean anything now. You still can plants anything while transforming one of your walls into an indoor oasis. Whether you are hoping to add color of your space with a wall of blooms or harvest your own fresh herbs off of a garden, read on for some of our vertical garden below.

For you who wants to build your own vertical garden that is easier to maintain than it looks, use a modular system made from 100% recycled PET plastic felt to create flourishing vegetative displays that can be as large or as small as you desire. If you ready to the next level, the grow-wall vertical gardening system are allows for maximum creativity. For a simple spot as your start for greenery on your wall, a manageable planter (with a modular system made out of recycled plastic) will make planting easy-to-care-for for plants like succulents a breeze. See those beautiful indoor vertical garden interior design ideas below.



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