70 Vintage and Elegant Indigo Textile Living Room Decor Ideas

Vintage and elegant indigo textile living room decor ideas (62)
Vintage and elegant indigo textile living room decor ideas (62)

A natural blue dye made from the flowering Indigo fera plant, or Indigo, has been used for century. This hue is as popular as blue jeans in interior design as it is in our longstanding favorite apparel that looks so delightful and authentic. Indigo lends itself to bold choices such as wallpaper, paint, and some smallest accents; soap dishes, drawer pulls, switch-plate covers, and etc. by incorporating different finishes, indigo paint can provide the specific vibe you’re seeking for your space. Drapes, bedding and furnishings such as poufs and bar carts are other great ways to incorporate this hue.

Let’s try to integrating indigo; in the kitchen tile, accent pillows on chairs or a breakfast bench. For indigo on the wall, try a grass-cloth in the color (to get more variable shades) and bring in indigo fabrics to create more dimensional look and don’t overlook art. Choose purple as the complementary color with indigo. Indigo can be both exciting and calming, depending on its tone and complement in the space, and it also works for all ages, genders and every design styles. The versatility of this color offers endless options for your own creativity.



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