75 Clever and Cheap Ideas to Decorating Rental Apartment

Clever and cheap ideas to decorating rental apartment 62
Clever and cheap ideas to decorating rental apartment 62

Renting a space has it perks – you have the flexibility of changing your location when it is over, there is no need to worry about property taxes and also, home repairs are not taking a toll on your wallet. Certainly this is not a bad idea, right? But it can be trickier for renters to create a space that is truly their own while still ensuring the security deposit is waiting them when they leave. So, we’ve rounded up these easy, budget-friendly things that rentals need to know to make their space home sweet home without upsetting the landlord along the way.

Add curtains and try removable wallpapers and nowadays, there are dozen of this products that is made just for renters. Make your bookshelves into the focal point; adding patterned paper to the shelf backings, organizing books in a creative way or paint the furniture itself that give a big impact for little effort. As a bonus, having plants in or near your space with window boxes has been proven to amp up your productivity. If you don’t have enough space in your apartment, try to add slip in storage with things like bar cart, rolling kitchen island and ottomans with hidden compartment is also a great way to help your space.



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