32 Affordable DIY Apartment Decor for Renters

Affordable diy apartment decor for renters 25
Affordable diy apartment decor for renters 25

So now you live your own in a rented apartment but your landlord hands you many list of rules. And on it are some dreaded words such as ‘no wallpaper, painting or excessive hanging’. What are you supposed to do, then? Here we’ve got many collections of rental-friendly decoration ideas from storage solutions to gallery walls that will make your apartment feel like home without breaking the rules.

If you want a framed gallery wall, try to utilize a metal caging to minimize the holes hammered into the wall and you can simply hang your pictures on it. Hang your towels and linens with a DIY towel racks from ladder, no damage necessary! Solve your wall problem with hanging curtains behind your furniture to cover the unsightly walls or change up the color of your apartment will make a dramatic change and of course, no wallpaper needed here. If you feel bored with your design quickly and need something new, try to make a wall art with post-it notes that doesn’t damage paint without fear of permanent marks. Check another decoration ideas below.



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