17 Beautiful Yet Functional Floating Shelves Decor Ideas

Beautiful yet functional floating shelves decor ideas (17)
Beautiful yet functional floating shelves decor ideas (17)

A storage space is something that everyone yearns for. There are so many kinds of storage and one of it are a floating shelves that quite popular lately. Floating shelves is not only to put your stuff in your room. If you mounted correctly, floating shelves can look fun, sleek and even sophisticated.

Floating shelf is designed to appear as if they can attach to the wall without the benefit of braces or bracket and it also saving your space. It is easy to put together and extremely useful; as a work of art and functional storage unit. Wall shelf is doing the job in style when it used to display photos, books or show off your collection. Floating shelves are perfect in any room; family room, bedroom, office, bathroom, or anywhere you want – to add extra storage or display space. Check out these 17 beautiful yet functional shelves decoration ideas.



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