84 Lovely Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Lovely farmhouse exterior design ideas 84
Lovely farmhouse exterior design ideas 84

Farmhouse exterior are all about the simple details. This decidedly American style is experiencing a major resurgence, appealing to those who like the classic, comforting style of simpler time. This design is a blend of architectural details, most easily recognized by its covered porches, inherited pieces, light colors and rough-hewn finishes. This design is no longer for folks living on their own acreage but it can be achieved by anyone, anywhere. Here are a few farmhouse exterior details to help you get the look in your own.

The wraparound porch in farmhouse design was traditionally used as a mudroom or a place for getting respite from the heat during summer, but if you don’t have it, just go and don’t forget to add a ceiling fan, rocking chairs, symmetrical planters and a dog to make it prettier. If you only have a small space for porch, use the brick aesthetic that coupled with black shutters and white ornamental columns is also striking. Embrace your personal style with a gable roof and board-and-batten paneling is also another great one. Add painted window boxes and colorful shutters to match brighten up the exterior of your farmhouse and it would be nicer even more if you can also add red flowers in it.


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