63 Extraordinary Industrial Furniture for Home Decorating

Extraordinary industrial furniture for home decorating (28)
Extraordinary industrial furniture for home decorating (28)

Generally, to build furniture or shelving, it requires some specialized tools, and joinery or even welding skills. But if you like an industrial look to your furniture, you can make simple pieces using pre-threaded pipes and fittings. There are threaded pipe in varying diameters and lengths at your local big-box store, along with many common fitting such as coupling, tees, elbows and flanges. No need a special skills, just put them together and add wood into the mix to make shelving, table tops, and anything else you can think of.

Use a gas pipes to create the shelving units in your closet or other space. If you want to build dining table, it required little work to assemble the board for the top of the table but actually it is relatively simple and you can learn more about how to make it by searching in on the internet. There are so many ways you can configure storage, furniture and decorative pieces using wood and pipe. And while the look might not be for everyone, it is a fairly simple way to create quick, sturdy furniture.



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