10 Storage Solution Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

Storage solution ideas for your small bathroom
Storage solution ideas for your small bathroom

Bathroom is a space where have many stuff in it. Whether your bathroom is small or large, we need to always add storage to make it stay organize. But storage sometimes need much space. These pictures of savvy storage ideas below will helps you add space and stay organized even in a small bathroom.

Making use of every inch of space that is essentials in a small bathroom by build a wall cabinet. Try to install a built-in storage for your several towels and it also brings visual interest to the neutral bathroom. For budget-friendly storage, purchase and painted inexpensive crates from a craft store to create a decorative and functional storage solution. Hang them on a wall to save your space or to keep them at hand on the vanity.

Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving
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Cabinet Installed Over The Toilet

Cabinet installed over the toilet
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Door Racks

Door racks
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Floating Vanity Shelves

Floating vanity shelves
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Glass Shelf

Glass shelf
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Ladder Rack

Ladder rack
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Over The Door Storage For A Small Bath

Over the door storage for a small bath
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Storage Cabinets In The Corner

Storage cabinets in the corner
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Tier Market Basket

Tier market basket
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Wooden Rack

Wooden rack
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