54 Mediterranean Style Kitchen Ideas Pictures

54 mediterranean style kitchen ideas pictures
54 mediterranean style kitchen ideas pictures

If Mediterranean kitchen already has you making your own mood board, here are some essential design element and tips to keep in mind. Rich yellows, terra cotta, spicy reds, earth tone and ocean blues are some color palettes that draws from the natural landscapes and flora in Mediterranean style. But don’t be too hung up on it. Make sure that all of the different colors are tied together with clever usage of Mediterranean decorative elements and accessories.

The use of sweeping curves and sinuous curlicues is one of the most highly conspicuous attributes of Mediterranean style. Mediterranean furniture exudes a strong sense of movement through elaborate carving and these graceful forms add a sense of fluidity to an otherwise angular kitchen and kitchen cabinets. Nothing is as earthy as much as the Mediterranean style’s textured, plaster-finished walls. It doesn’t just look good but they also add a tactile dimension and depth to their aesthetic appeal.


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